10,000 Generative Meta Surfers will be born forever in the Metaverse Ethereum Blockchain.

A group of 10 Fantastic Humanoid Meta Surfers will be revealed with over 200 possible traits out of millions of different possibilities. The question is, which Meta Surfer will you own?

We are working on a unique never-done before approach for everyone to be able to mint their Meta Surfer with a fair launch free of Gas Wars. More details coming soon. Be sure to join us on Twitter & Discord to be up to date.

Since everything we are doing is based around the number 10 & considering the perfect surfing score is 10 + added to the value we will immediately & long-term deliver to our members, we have decided 0.10ETH to be a reasonable entry price to the Meta Surfers ecosystem (literally less than a monthly golf membership, or about 43 pizzas).

We are still debating the official launch date, but we are looking for something anywhere mid-end of November. We will announce the official date very soon.

200 NFTs will be held back from the collection for on-going giveaways & future surf events (including 1 for each team member)

Well, all we can say is there are over 20 million surfers in the world. Over 200 million Crypto users + billions of people who will be part of the Metaverse in the upcoming future. Our goal is to position ourselves as a reference inside the future of the Metaverse. We are sure many will want one, but it’s up to you to decide if you think owning a Meta Surfer is the right choice to have in your portfolio.

We are just starting out, but you’ll be able to use it as both a VIP pass & as a direct utility for our upcoming Meta Surfers ecosystem, some which are already within our roadmap + much more.

We are establishing a 5% fee on the secondary market, all of which will go back to the community fund.