4 June, 2023


A group of surfers went missing after deciding to go surfing in the Bermuda Triangle and came back looking a little different… It’s said they were dragged through a portal to different dimensions where many animals live like dragons or monkeys.

A reporter of Meta News, approached one of the surfers to talk more about what happened. Here is the full interview:

At first I couldn’t believe nor wrap my ahead around what just happened, we went surfing to this spot a friend of us referred us to in the Bahamas, all I can remember is I suddenly felt a strong suction before I was pulled into a portal to another dimension!

Little is still known about the full extent of the powers and abilities they may have acquired, as it is yet to be determined what they are actually capable of. Stay in the loop with Meta News bringing you the latest updates on this group of surfers, who are already being called “The Meta Surfers”.

One dude responded, “We’re surfers.”

And then continued to elaborate on their story without any further
explanation as if everyone knew exactly what they were talking about, but Norbert just thought it sounded like an amazing time with all its mystery and fun adventures.

We also got an interview from the local Coast Guard, claiming he was out on the water, practicing his skills with some other surfers when they saw an odd sight. There was a guy in the distance, floating around on his board as if he were trying to catch waves without actually getting wet. We called him over and he revealed that this is how he surfed.
He explained that they found out about this spot from some friends who disappeared after going fishing together – they never came back…

We also recalled some immediate reactions around us from the group of surfers…

Corey immediately exclaimed “It was so cool.”. His hair had turned from brown to green. He had also gained the ability of flight after being dragged through the vortex.

Connor’s skin tone changed from tan to sky blue as he shrugged out of his wetsuit and ran over to them with an excited expression on his face. “Oh my gosh! We have special abilities now?” Connor looked around hopefully, expecting someone else in their group to be different too but they all looked normal except for Corey who continued floating in mid-air.

We also interviewed Norbert as a witness who was walking down the beach when he saw a group of surfer dudes walking out of the ocean, each with their own unique color & out of this world looking appearance.

“Hey! What are you guys doing here?”

Norbert asked curiously followed by many more questions about what they were doing there and how they got that way.

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